About Me

Why is my logo a weird-looking fruit-thing?

It's a pawpaw, the largest edible fruit indigenous to North America. (Gourds are vegetables, people!) It's native to where I grew up (Indiana), and a delicious well-kept secret, even to locals. Imagine a cross between banana custard and a mango—pawpaws are absolutely amazing!

As a fellow Hoosier also aspiring to greatness, I have a strong affinity for the little tree, and on top of that, I'm a big pawpaw proselytizer—I've gotten my labmates hooked on the stuff!

What research am I doing at the moment?

My interests are still as broad as ever, but I've been focusing on how people understand each other when they sometimes talk so differently. This has manifested itself in a bunch of different projects.

What else am I interested in non-academically?

I'm interested in pretty much everything, but right now I'm really pumped about applying the computational and statistical skills I've developed to things I care about personally. It's fun and way easier than most people think. I really enjoy reading webcomics, but I hate being in limbo about whether content creators are going to keep updating after their work, so I'm in the process of making a Bayesian model that will be able to estimate how likely it will be before they update again. In the meantime, I've also looked at political finance and other fun areas!

How else can you connect with me?

Why did I think a Q&A format was a good idea for an 'About Me' page?

Ya got me. My landing page was already descriptive enough for most introductions—I really just made this page to explain what the pawpaw logo was.